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What is a Racing Partnership?

Racing Partnerships make the Sport of Kings available to the common man.  Our Partnerships allow partial ownership in racehorses which decreases monthly expenses, while owning Pennsylvania Bred racehorses increases winnings.  

Example: you own 10% share of a horse that wins a race with a $10,000 purse.  your purse payment is $600 and your PA Bred bonus is $400, total winnings for that race $1,000.

For details on PA Bred owner bonuses visit PABRED.COM.

On Race Day

Benefits of racehorse ownership:

As a racehorse owner, you have access to the saddling areas, win pictures to commemorate each success, access to owner/trainer seating, the barns and racetrack to watch morning workouts with appointment.  Horse racing can be expensive, our racehorse partnerships help keep the expenses down, while owning mostly PA Bred racehorses maximizes the amount of money you can win.

For Our New Fans

Want the expert insight and explanations of all aspects of racing?  We are fortunate enough to have well-known Pennsylvania Trainer Bruce Miller agree to come out of retirement to act as our Assistant Trainer.  We pride ourselves in educating our owners about all of the intricacies involved with the wonderful sport of Horseracing.  We are proud to be a whole life facility with extensive connections for post racing careers for our horses.


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