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Opportunities Available

We currently have shares available in 2 horses

Carlet's Bay

Nice coming 2 year old colt by Bull's Bay out of Carlet, Pennsylvania Bred, Delaware certified, will be eligible for bonus money in both Pennsylvania and Delaware.  $1,000.00 buy in and $200/month maintenance cost get you a 10% share in his winnings.


This 3 year old gelding is by Trajectory (now standing in Dubai) out of Stratocaster.  Pennsylvania Bred and currently in training, he has not yet raced, but we expect him to early next year.  $500 buy in and $200/month maintenance cost will give you a 10% share in his winnings.

Group Opportunities

a group of 9 each buying a 10% share can name their own buy in price, the 200/month per share maintenance costs still apply, want a fancy horse, a steeplechase horse, or a hard-knocking claimer, we will set it up, and off to the races you go.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the $200/month maintenance cost for?

This covers all of your horses expenses, feed, shoes, shipping to the races and any other daily expenses.  Most racing partnerships charge you a percentage of  the actual monthly cost which can vary greatly by month, making it hard to budget expenses, we charge a set amount (which is equivalent to a $50/day rate trainers can charge plus shoeing and veterinary bills) making it easier for our clients to know what exactly their costs will be.

What are the State Bonuses and how do they work?

Pennsylvania has the best bonus payouts in our area if you race in a race with PA bred bonus money, besides the purse, you receive an additional 40% of the purse, also there are races which are quite lucrative that are restricted to only horses bred in Pennsylvania, so your horse can enter those.  The Delaware Certified Program is similar, but it only offers 25% bonus instead of the 40%.

Why is my horse Pennsylvania Bred and Delaware Certified and why does it matter?

When training a racehorse many things go into making the decision of where it will race, but basically you want to do 2 things, give it the best chance to win or get a check, and get the most money possible in those checks.  Having a horse eligible in 2 states means that you have twice as many state restricted races to choose from, and twice as many bonus opportunities available.  If there is a better race in Delaware for your horse and he is not Delaware Certified, he either may not be eligible to run in that race or he may run but not get any bonus money.  We do everything we can to tip the odds in our favor to make money because horse racing is a risk, we hope to make it less of one for our clients.